Digital Supplements

As we were planning for and writing The GameDev Business Handbook, we recognized the video game industry landscape is ever changing. Innovation and trends demand adaptation.

We also recognized that practical examples, interactivity, and iteration are crucial. These are truest when it comes to budgeting.

That’s why we developed key components of the book as living documents. Below, you’ll find links to the digital supplements. You’ll also find appendices for The GameDev Business Handbook, including in-depth guides for using our budget samples and templates.

These templates and samples are a long-term project of The GameDev Business Handbook team. We hope to update these over time and make them as accessible to provide maximum understanding for those starting out. If you’d like to send us samples of your budgets where you’ve added features you’d think would be helpful to others, please send them to If we incorporate it into a future update, we’ll be sure to credit you if requested on the update.

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